the innocence of loss


the innocence of loss

drifting through you

as you smile in confusion

knowing i am someone

who loves you

who’s that you say

as you point my way

i’m patricia

your daughter

who will always love you

are you the youngest

you ask

yes i say

i’m the one in pink

in the family portrait

renee in red

shelley in mauve

michelle with ric

michael with marj and sarah

neil with jacquie, genvieve and patrick

we smile from our poses

next to the table

where you eat your toast

and drink your coffee

staring up in wonder

looking backwards and forwards

at me

slowly i tell you

who we are

where we live

repeating our names

over and over

adding those who were born

after this moment

we dwindle like the light

of a firey sunset

you sense our love

you stand still to watch

almost in awe

uncertain of us

your belonging

you are the sun

we are the distant clouds

coloured by your downing

though darkness ascends

the full moon rises

stars splatter the sky

like your smile

shinning through

the never ending night


patricia budd ‘00