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Gail and Ed Padilla We met you when you were doing an autograph signing of A New Dawn Rising recently in St. Albert. My husband indicated he thought he would like to read your book which I actually found surprising. He read it in short order and couldn't stop talking about it. I followed suit and in short order had it read. As an avid reader a book has to grab me in the first chapter and yours truly did! Both of us so enjoyed this book that we felt compelled to write and thank you for such a wonderful piece of literature. I have lent our copy to a co-worker who had it read in about a day and a half. Her comments mirror ours and she has also said..."What a great movie this would make". We can't agree more!Thank you so much and we hope we will soon find more of your writings.Gail and Ed Padilla, Edmonton, AB

Hello Patricia, I took the opportunity to read your book over the Easter weekend.  I am a bit of a “historical fiction buff” and I really quite enjoyed it!  It was a little different to read a book with characters who had names of people I knew.....Karl was a parent at St. Anne for many years and Ray taught Mark last year.  I wasn’t able to visualize them any way but the way I know that they added a little something extra to the book for me.  I had never really thought about how writers come up with their character names until I encountered your book.  Do you have to cover that off some way incase you “accidentally” use a name of someone who exists?Anyway, a very enjoyable read.


I read a lot, and if a book doesn't grab me in the first chapter, I go on to the next book. This book grabbed me and didn't let go until I finished it 48 hours later. It is wonderfully descriptive and poignant, and I cannot wait for the sequel. Please Patricia, write the sequel, I need to know what happens with John and Katherine and Mathew and . . . . . .

2 years ago

Hello Mrs. Budd,
Marshall purchased your Novel 'A New Dawn Rising' for me as a birthday gift. This was back in October. I finally took the time, started reading your book and enjoyed it so much I was finished in a couple of days. Thank 
you for a wonderful read.Thank you also for being such a fabulous teacher to our children. They 
highly respect you and have learned many things during their time in your class. You've increased their love for the written word and given them a sense of what they can accomplish when they put their minds and effort 
 into a task. Kelsie has told me that your class helped prepare her for her 1st year in University. Rob and I greatly appreciate all you have done in helping our children on their way to adulthood.
Sincerely, Tracy Pagacz

Hi Patricia, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I finished your book in 3 days and LOVED it!! My husband bought me a copy for Christmas and even got it signed by you. Thanks so much for a great read, I will be promoting it like crazy! But now I’m so sad it’s finished! Donna Houston

I read your book during the Christmas break, and my husband finished it last night. It was an incredibly, enjoyable treasure and I thank you for giving me the escape! My husband and I both read alot and if a book doesn't grab me within the first chapter, I become bored and fidgity. Your book grabbed me and wouldn't let go!Sandra Hulleman

BTW I finished your book... Great ending. I was pleased to be a character in this book. John rules! Pride land the girl and self respect ,,,,great story Raymond Poitras

I bought your book at the Celebrations craft show in Edmonton. I started reading it 2 days ago, and could hardly put it down! It was an absolutely fantastic read! I thoroughly enjoyed it, and hope you will write another book soon :) I will be giving it to my mom to read next. Thanks again, Shanna Palindat

Testimonial - Talent knows no bounds A New Dawn Rising is an excellent title. Not only by the vivid and flowing imagery does this book grasp the reader, but by its realism and 'true to human nature' outlook on historical events. This book is most easily a must-read for anyone who allows themselves the pleasure of literature. Kimberly 'Sam' McIlveen

Mrs. Budd, not only is your novel inspirational for an aspiring writer, but a testament to your talent as a teacher, artist and motivator. Always there with a good outlook, a smile and a willingness to share the wonders of words I would like to thank you from myself, if not on the part of your writers guild.

*I can still hear you reading select parts of final copies to us... it resounds in my mind as I read!*

I can only apologize and admit my regret for not having sent the congratulations sooner regarding your success.

Your book continues to encourage us all and as you signed, "Never give up the pen!"

A New Dawn Rising initially appealed to me solely on a "wow" factor, seeing as it had been written by someone I know from personal experience.  However I soon found myself absorbed in the writing and the rich story.  I suddenly found myself at the end, wishing for more.  I look forward to your next book! Joshua Corbin

Hi Patricia, It's not often a person gets to read a book as wonderful as yours, and then email the author to say 'great job!' I am so happy I am able to. A funny thing happened, I had your book on my lap as I drove through the Tim's drive thru (no, i don't read and drive) and the young man at the window said 'Hey, isn't that Ms. Budd's book?' He was overjoyed! I told him indeed it was and that I would report back once I read it!

I bought your book at Coles the day of the signing and we chatted a bit, but I had no idea of the depths, emotions and adventures your book would take me. I visited Louisiana a couple years ago (two months before the hurricane) and was amazed by how beautifully you told this story.

I truly enjoyed my trip to Savannah, Georgia, thank you! Micheline Landry, Copywriter Double Check Writing Services Fort McMurray

Hello Pat, Russell gave me your novel to read a few weeks ago. I finished it in about a week of steady evening reading... it was so captivating that I couldn't put it down. I am impressed and amazed that something like that can come out of the brain of a Fort McMurrayite. Usually we read published novels and the authors are people that we've never heard of living incredible wealthy imaginary lives in romantic places like New York, California and Vermont. I never pause to think that it is a real person with a normal life who has written the stories that I read. Thank you for letting me read your masterpiece. I found it to be very believable and interesting. I was impressed with the character development and how you were able to complete and have closure to the life tangents of the individual characters. (i.e. Junior) It completed the novel and helped make the enitre product a well rounded package. The format was easy to follow and the flow of the language kept me wanting more. Good job - amazing work! So - When's your next book due?? Once again - thanks. Heather Thomas

Hi Mrs. Budd, I just wanted to congratulate you on your first novel. I finished reading it yesterday and it was truly one of the best books I have ever read. It was one of those books I could not put down, and those don't come by often. The storyline was very interesting; at times I was brought close to tears, other times laughing out loud, and at even more times just frustrated at the ideals that for some reason some people still hold. I found John to be a truly inspiring character, and I enjoyed witnessing his transformation throughout the novel. The fact that you were able to teach as well as write is very inspiring, as I would like to someday become a teacher and hopefully a novelist. I hope you plan to write more in the near future, because I am positive anyone who has read your book is craving more.

Thank you for starting my true interest in writing and the study of literature. Grade 9 was certainly a defining year for me, and you were one of the major people to contribute to my development. If it wasn't for your fun personality and passion for the subject, I don't think I would ever have become as interested in literature and writing as I am today. English class was my favourite class for my entire high school career, and I have you to thank for starting that. I am now at U of A getting my Bachelor of Arts(English Major), and I am really enjoying it.

I wish you the best of luck in your future writing and teaching. Hopefully I will see you around Merc(or around Fort Mac) sometime when I visit. Again, congratulations and thank you! Veronica Doleman

A Must-Read for Historical Fiction Lovers , Jul 15 2006 Reviewer: Ann Keith (Edmonton) Ms. Budd's new book, "A New Dawn Rising", is an interesting, fast-paced read. Readers who love "Gone With The Wind" will love this book. It's set near Savannah in the days of slavery, with an interesting twist. While entertaining, colorful and historically accurate, the novel is certainly realistic about the ugliness of the slave trade. I highly recommend it.

A must read, Jul 22 2006 Reviewer: Shonna Barnes (Fort McMurray, Alberta Canada) Amazing characters. I couldn't put the book down once I picked it up. Everyone that I know has found the book to grip their imaginations from the start and even when they think they don't have the time to read have found themselves making the time to enjoy this book. I can't wait for more books from this amazing author.

Amazing ...I was unable to put it down read it in one day Teresa Petraglia

Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I read your book in one sitting and thought it was great!!   The storyline kept me turning the pages until there were none left to turn....awesome! Thank you Brent Kobza p.s.   My wife purchased the book for me at a craft sale in Edmonton. Thanks again!

Congrats on your book and the exposure you're getting! I don't know where you came up with the basic idea for your novel, but talk about imagination and the role reversal thoughts and implications! Awesome work! Are you currently working on another story, because if you are, it will more than likely be a blockbuster. John Senetza, Edmonton, AB

I just wanted to let you know that I finally had a chance to read your novel on summer holidays and I truly enjoyed it – Very well written and entertaining! I haven’t checked Coles but if I wanted to purchase another copy, where would I find one? Susan J. Konski

Hi Patricia, I met you in Lloydminster at Coles. I spoke with you about your book and thought I would give your new book a read, you may remember that I told you that I was a bit of "mystery" reader. I really enjoyed the book, it not only engaged me from an emotional standpoint but it also informed me of what life must have been like. I really enjoyed meeting you and wish you well. Harland Lesyk

I have just finished reading "A New Dawn Rising"! I read it in two nights and want to thank you for the enjoyment. It was a pleasure to meet you at Indigo's and to welcome an Alberta writer to my list of favorites. I look forward to your next novel! Congratulations! Dorene Twa

I started reading your book last night - WOW!  In case Simon didn't pass on the message to you...  "Damn, you're GOOD!" Very easy to get into, you grab the reader from the word go.  Some books take a little time and a couple of chapters to really get into.  Even Harper Lee had trouble grabbing me immediately with "To Kill a Mockingbird" when I had to read it in Grade Can't Remember English...  and that turned into one of my very favourite books of all time.  In fact this summer I made a leisure project of re-reading my favourite novels from high school.  Who Has Seen the Wind, To Kill a Mockingbird, I Heard the Owl Call My Name, etc. So far, so good!  I got to the "Fourteen" chapter and then had to put it down since it was pushing 1:00 am... Lynda Peterson

Hi Patricia,

 I got your address off the full moon cafe emailing. Thought to mention that I purchased your book (from you in the mall) before I left the city. It was wonderfully written and eye opening in a sense that my eyes had not often opened before. White slaves? Most white people I know have no idea... Great work!

Benn Byers

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