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“Excellent and compelling!” Russell Thomas, Fort McMurray Today, Ft. McMurray, AB, Canada

"This meticulously researched first novel will appeal to the reader interested in well-written historical fiction." Christine Scott, Centennial Books, Regina, SK, Canada

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A New Dawn Rising is set in the fictional town of Laurel Creek, Georgia, just north of the burgeoning Savannah in 1809. John Connolley, nearing 30, yearns to own some land of his own...but John, though white, was born into slavery. Raised like a son by his owner, Jacob Barlow, he soon learned he was property when Barlow thought he had tried to run. Now, fifteen years later, John faces the impossible task of raising enough money to live freely. Struggling with the humiliation of being rented out by Barlow to rich ladies for their amusement, losing the woman he loves in the process, he hopes to be freed of the stigma of slavery and indeed hold the truths of the Declaration of Independence to be self-evident: that all men are created equal.

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