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PATRICIA MARIE BUDD teaches high school in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. Having spent eighteen years in the classroom, her experiences have qualified her to critique the education system in a comical way in Hell Hounds of High School.

Students of the new millennium meet a tough adversary when they go up against Mrs. Priscilla Bird, a veteran teacher practicing her craft in northern Alberta, Canada. She struggles with parents, students, and administrators during a time when self-entitlement rules.

Mrs. Bird helps and confronts students with all types of problems. There is Greg, whose loyalty to his father is getting in the way of overcoming an addiction to drugs. Mary and Frank endure daily abuse at the hands of their peers, and their lives may even be in danger.

Others at the school also are doing their best to help students navigate their way through a tough and confusing world. Mr. Lloyd, a counselor, is troubled that he can’t seem to help Greg, but he somehow manages to keep other students in school who would otherwise slip through the cracks.

Take a close, comical, and realistic look at a Catholic school system and discover why dedicated people at a revered institution don’t always have all the answers in Hell Hounds of High School.

"Patricia Budd's teaching career has no doubt brought her close to some of the characters you'll find in the Hellhounds of the High School. These characters nearly jump off the page with their fiery independence and shout at you, "I've got something to tell you!"

Mar’ce Merrell, Alberta Author

A cynic in the classical sense of the term, Mrs. Bird conveys the teacher's angst as she tries to reconcile a populace lagging in dedication to youth education and her own desire to make a difference. Hell Hounds of High School uses a language that both students and adults can enjoy, raises issues that parents can learn from and poses problems that anyone working in the education industry can appreciate.

George Franko, Teacher.

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Author/PlaywrightPatricia Marie Budd